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Bluefin tuna is a product highly appreciated in the international market and is made in its most diverse forms, from sushi characteristic of Asian countries to tuna steaks, calmos de calmos, dumplings and muxama, grilled tuna belly, cheek in the oven and salad roe, highly appreciated in the Iberian Peninsula, passing through ceviche, originally from Peru.

This fish is extremely versatile in its forms of cooking, which makes it have a high level of use.

It is a species that, due to its size and unique nature, requires extreme care when capturing and handling it, in order to preserve its initial characteristics.

Our entire meticulous capture and freezing process allows us to supply a product with a high level of attractive quality to the most demanding and knowledgeable markets for this tuna.

Due to the high fishing effort exerted on this species, the result of great commercial demand, its capture is strongly regulated by the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT).

Currently, bluefin tuna is the subject of a management plan carried out by ICCAT in which catch quotas are established in order to preserve this resource.